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Multimedia, Internet and seamless Building infrastructure technology

m..myhome for Mac makes your daily life more comfortable and easier by combining the existing building infrastructure technology and all kind of multimedia applications to an integrated system. Using the powerful TCP/IP-protocol and integrating the EIB/KNX infrastructure technology control standard.

m..myhome for Mac allows you without any additional cable installation to have the full control over any electric or electronic device inside your building. Maybe you already own an Apple iPhone or iPod touch – then think about coming home and using your iPhone or iPod as a remote control to open your garage doors or next you unlock your entrance to enter your home. Inside your home you can control your room climate as well as your room lighting, switch On your TV and start your favourite DVD or start to surf inside the Internet. Sounds like science fiction? But with m..myhome for Mac it is right there at your fingertips.

m..myhome for Mac consolidates two powerful categories of building-networking TCP/IP) and allows to use the vantages of utilization from EIB/KNX and the world of Multimedia and Network. For this reason IP-functions and capability may be integrated in building- services.

m..myhome for Mac integrates continuously the full Multimedia - functionality in building installations.

Contrary to other solutions located on the market, m..myhome for Mac distinguishes itself by continuously integration of application, in Multimedia (Network/TCP-IP), Internet and KNX/EIB building-services.

All functions and data’s m..myhome for Mac  are controlled by a central server (e.g. Apple Mac mini). 20 macros for KNX/EIB- applications are preinstalled and included.

All multimedia functions can be implemented in private and commercial sectors (Multiroom–technology, training classroom, reception room, waiting room etc.). And can be integrated and monitored in the building-control-system by m..myhome for Mac .

Also e.g. the Apple iPhone and iPod touch with all their potentialities are able to control the building-services and recall and display all multimedia data on the Apple Mac mini.

Beyond the actually functions, every WLAN- or Bluetooth-compatible PDA can be used as a remote control unit. All applications and volumes are available at any point in the house by network connection and can be controlled with standard existing operation components of the building. The controller is easy and clearly arranged due to the intuitive and ergonomically designed desktop.

Summarized m..myhome offers following functionality:

  • m..myhome makes the supply of all multimedia applications and their contents of (HiFi, video, Internet…) in arbitrary place in the house possible 
  • m..myhome  lets merge simply into nearly each Visualization system and offers by a simple, freely configurable graphical-interface also a local operability of your media-contents.
  • m..myhome is extremely efficient and various and applies as audio/video distribution system, Infotainment or POI (point of interest) system. The employment takes place in the building- and yachting- management for the integration of all multimedia applications; for conference rooms and for presentations, as well as in the range of gerontology, obstruct-fair living and so on.You will find examples here.

Apple Mac mini as Multimedia Set Top Box

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    Neue Version 1.0.44 released ...

    Rückblick Light&Building 2008 ...

    m..myhome überzeugte auf der Light & Building, der weltweit größten Messe für Gebäudeautomation, die gesamte Fachwelt und erhielt hervorragende Resonanz. Ein mit m..myhome durchgeführtes Projekt wurde zum KNX Award angemeldet und in der Kategorie "Special Award" nominiert.


    m..Remote die frei konfigurierbare iPhone/iPod Touch Applikation zur ultimativen, verzögerungsfreien, Fernbedienung Ihrer Multimedia- und Gebäude Installation.

    eyeTV streaming Service machen Sie aus Ihrem Mac einen IP TV Server und verteilen Sie bis zu 16 TV Kanäle in Ihrem Heimnetzwerk.

    Airport Unterstützung (Airfoil) steuern und verwalten Sie Ihre vernetzten Lautsprecher.

    Sowie erhebliche Erweiterungen innerhalb der Protokollschnittstelle.

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    • Grundlagen Mac OSX
    • optimale Systemeinrichtung
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    • m..myhome Protokoll
    • sämtliche AddOn's
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